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Visualise, plan, create and track your store buy - all under one roof.

Visualise your buy

See, plan and merchandise your product assortment all on one page. View products from all of your brands side by side and decide with total clarity and confidence the best styles, colours and prices for your store. Add product pictures, highlight your favourites, filter by brand, month, category and more to easily compare and curate your perfect buy, while Buyable tracks and updates your totals for you.

Get Creative

Similar to creating a vision board, Buy Boards allow you to move products around, mixing & matching items to style product stories and create your own purchase orders effortlessly. Drag & drop products onto your Buy Board canvas, where everything is tracked and calculated for you as you go. Download and share with your team as a visual merchandising guide or email your purchase orders to your brands and agents for processing.

Stay on track

Manage your metrics without messy spreadsheets using Buyable's advanced tracking and reporting tools. Our built in Budget Tracker, Order Reporting, Inventory Tracker and Inventory Reporting features automatically monitor your buy, as you buy, making it quicker and easier for you to make informed decisions. From how much you spend, to when it's delivering, to the categories, sizes and seasons on order - whatever matters most to your store, you can measure it with Buyable.

We're in a new digital age of retail buying. Ready to evolve together?

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Say goodbye to surprise deliveries, over ordering and trying to remember it all.

Buyable is the quickest and easiest way for buyers to...

Stay organised when juggling it all

No more hunting around on your desktop, scrolling through emails, or losing countless hours updating spreadsheets. Buyable's automated organisation, allows you to search, filter and find what you need faster. Look books, line sheets, invoices, budgets, order history, inventory and more are now just a click away.

Keep track of what's arriving & when

Buyable makes it quick & easy for you stay informed, on track and up to date, so you can make every buying decision, the best one. Whether you need to view an order, track your categories, find a style, manage deliveries, or check your spend, keeping track of what's important is simple when everything's at your fingertips.

Decide what products to buy

It can be hard to know which products to invest in, especially when every decision counts. Buyable lets you visually map out your entire buy, so you can view and compare products before you decide. Mark your favourites, filter by price and mix & match items to curate your perfect store buy.

Avoid over spending

We know manually calculating orders and tracking budgets can be gruelling work, and most people don't get the time. We also know that if you're not measuring it, you're not managing it, which is why Buyable automates this work for you. See you how much you've spent, on which items and how much of your budget is left, at a glance.

Ready to plan ahead (not in your head)? Get started today.

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Why choose Buyable?

We help you simplify buying like a spreadsheet can’t. Designed specifically for retail buyers, Buyable is the quicker, easier and more effective way to manage it all and achieve your goals.

Easy organisation

Look books, orders, deliveries, inventory, budgets and more. Managing your day-to-day buying is quick and easy with Buyable.

Save time

Automated admin, calculations and tracking, help you stay organised, on budget and on the right track, fast.

See your products

See and compare products side by side, filtering by brand, colour, category, price, season, department or month.

Create & plan

Move, highlight or mix & match items to plan your perfect buy, style product stories or create purchase orders.

Track what's important

It's important to know where you stand. That's why we track the orders, brands, styles, seasons & sizes you buy for you.

Connect your team

Make it easy for staff, brands and agents to lighten your load with their own controlled access login.

Trusted by Australia's top independent retailers.

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us.

"I think this BUYABLE is the best. Right when things got really tough and we were heading into uncharted waters, no one knew what the future would hold. We as a business had to jump into action straight away. We turned to BUYABLE as we needed help with our buying and budgets. Over the last two months using BUYABLE we feel we have our buying and budgets under control and it is so great to see it all our information on one platform. I also think the app helps when in viewing and buying new stock for the coming seasons. I wish we had done it sooner."

"Buyable is a very useful tool to keep track of all of our orders. It was especially helpful with all the cancellations and push backs during the pandemic.  We can clearly see what we had ordered and what we cancelled and now we can compare those orders with what we have had to reorder due to the cancellation of some styles."

"We love that Buyable tracks our orders and budgets all in once place! A brand forgot our order recently and we were quickly able to spot that we were missing an order and also easily find the order with look books included!"

When you can see where you're at, it's easier to get to where you need to be.

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