Made for independent retailers.

Buyable was made for clothing, home and lifestyle retailers, looking for a simpler way to achieve more. Our software is easy to use, for newbies and pros alike, with features designed to help you stay on top of your orders, save time, demystify decision making and boost your sell-through.

Created to help your retail
business grow.

Hitting your goals is easy when you've got the right tools.
So why not use the tools that were made just for you?


Buyable's powerful search tool enables you to search through every order, document and product description, so you can find the information you need, exactly when you need it.

Filter and Sort

Filter information based on the criteria you want to see. These include brand, month, season, department, category, year, colour, order status, document type, favourites and price.

Drag & drop

Upload files fast with Buyable's easy drag & drop method. No templates required, preview files before saving, and upload up to 20 images at a time.


Manage your orders with ease in a categorised table view, complete with order totals, delivery months, seasons and notes attached. Filter or search across your entire store buy in seconds.

Buying Documents

Find your documents quickly and easily in a categorised table view, complete with your notes attached. Filter or search for specific details to find the right documents fast.

Inventory planner

Plan your buy and merchandise products, comparing items side by side, while tracking your totals as you go. Add pictures, filter by brand, price, colour, categories and more.

Buy Boards

Drag & drop products onto your blank Buy Board canvas, where you can move items around to create style themed edits or purchase orders, while keeping track of your totals.


Buy cohesive collections using the Colour filters. Select from drop downs, or create your own to filter and group products by colour, visually merchandising your inventory before it arrives.

Inventory Tracker

Centralised inventory of everything you've ordered, that you can filter, search and export.
Track inventory by category, brand, department and more, with product images for total clarity.

Order Status

Stay on top of orders, deliveries, and cancellations with fun icons that make it easy to identify where you're at, at a glance.


Avoid over-ordering with Buyable's easy to use Budget Tracker that automatically monitors your spend, as you buy. Create budgets by brand, season, month, category and year.


Tap the heart on your products to mark them as a favourite and filter your view to compare all of your favourites side by side.


Record important details about your orders, fabrics, fit notes or customer pre-order details, so you and your team can stay in touch, up to date and never miss an opportunity.

Connect your team

Get the support you need from Staff and Agents directly into your account, helping you to save time, stay organised and keep your inbox down.


Discover the insights you need to grow, with easy to read graphs and tables. Get detailed information on every brand, month, season, department, category and year.

Download to PDF & Excel

Download your buying data with product imagery, into a PDF or Excel.

It's easy for things to slip through the cracks when there's a lot going on.

Bring it all together under one roof.

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Our story

When Buyers started tearing up in the showroom - that was when I knew something had to change. I needed to make a change. After over a decade in the fashion and wholesale industry with sales campaigns in London, Paris, Milan under my belt, it was here in Australia where the idea for Buyable came about. I was managing 15 designer labels and working with hundreds of independent retailers when I realised that the stresses and pressures of running your own boutique were not getting any easier. In fact, they were getting harder. Trade was hard, managing staff was hard, the fast-paced pressures of social media were hard, selling through product was hard, buying right was hard.  With so much going on, no-one had any time. Opportunities were missed, orders were exceeding production deadlines and buying was often lacking in strategic thought. It was more a case of “I've just got to do it quickly on the phone with you because I'm in the car and I've got to pick my kids up.” Or, “just send me the best sellers list and I'll just pick from that.” I remember thinking, this is not a recipe for success. Naturally, this would often lead to low sales, stores making less money and buyers feeling more stressed and under pressure. There was no easy way to stay on top of it all, just whatever way they could manage with the little time they had after juggling it all on their own.  So with the knowledge I had gained working closely with brands and boutiques from all over the world - I created Buyable to simplify their life in the ways I knew would make a difference. Not to add an extra step, but to give them time back and simplify it all, whilst helping to amplify their sell through and profits. If there is one thing I’ve learnt during my time in the industry, it’s that retail success begins with buying. And now, it begins with Buyable.